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June 2022


On Monday May 16th, the Annual Charity Golf Tournament was held at the Pine Barrens Golf Club. The weather was good and everyone had a great time. Thank you to Steve Stazko, PGK and his committee for coordinating this event. Thank you to the Brother Knights, wives and family members who volunteered to help out at this event and to the 90

Golfers who played. This event provides for charitable donations at our Annual Picnic.

Thank you to Brother Knights who helped Hu Mador and Frank Schear who chaired the Roses for Life and Membership Drive at St. Al’s and St. Veronicas.

Raising money for the people of Ukraine was a worthy cause and my thanks to Lou McGraw, PGK, PCCP and Ronnie Pavelko, LAP, who encouraged everyone to participate and to donate .

Brother Knight Kevin Lamb has done a great job chairing the Monthly Blood Drive at our Council. Thank you Kevin for donating your time and thanks to the Brother Knights who have donated and given the gift of life

The Memorial Day Parade took place on Monday, May 30tth. Thanks to those Knights who marched and represented our Council.

Upcoming feast days in June:

6/05– Pentecost Sunday(Solemnity)

6/12 – Trinity Sunday (Solemnity)

6/19 – Corpus Christi (Solemnity)

6/24 – Sacred Heart of Jesus (Solemnity)

I am proud to announce that our Council qualifies for the Star Council Award. Thanks to everyone who helped and participated in the many fundraising events, reaching our new membership quota and viewing our Insurance videos which contributed to our qualifying for the Star Council Award. Thanks to Dennis Gibson, DD, PGK and Lou McGraw, PGK, PCCP, for their guidance and advice. To receive this award our Council is required to watch one more Seminar video. “Retirement Planning in a Changing Landscape” will be shown at the Council on June 3rd at 7:30PM. Please plan to attend and learn about what Insurance is available to you.

This Council had a busy year holding the many events that the Pandemic prevented in years past. Thank you to my Bother Officers and all the Knights of this Council for supporting these events. It has been my honor to have served as your Grand Knight this past year. I hope that I have lived up to the trust you have placed in me. Looking back on this year, we provided food for 160 families this year, donated over $20,000.00 at last year’s picnic, the Race for Life raised over $28,000.00 for the Keith Family, donated over $2,000.00 to those in the Ukraine, averaged over 30 pints each month for our Monthly Blood Drive and held our Annual Charity Golf Tournament.

My thanks to the CCP Jim Opdyke, and ACCP Rob Schmidt, for their efforts in running the club. Thanks to LAP Ronnie Pavelko and PLAP Jeanmarie DeBiase for their support and delicious dinners and lunches that they provided throughout the year.

I have confidence in the Incoming Officers and wish them well in leading us in the coming year.

Brothers, I pray that you and your families remain safe.

Vivat Jesus!

Mary Queen of the Knights, Pray for Us

Blessed Michael McGivney, Pray for Us

Jim Curtis, GK