June 2024


Well here we are, nearing the end of the Columbian Year. It was a good year; we held many events for worthy causes. I am honored to have served the Council this past year as Grand Knight, something I never expected to do when I joined the Knights eight years ago. But as they say, the best job in the Knights Of Columbus is Past Grand Knight, so now that I have accomplished that, I can’t wait to relax a bit. Many PGK’s before me used to open their first meeting with, “I only have 23 more to go!” I actually enjoy the meetings, and they are the easiest part of the job. This year, more and more has been

online submitting of reports which gives the Financial Secretary a break. Some of the changes are for the better and some not. I’m old school and I like doing things with pen and paper, but in today’s world, we have to go with the flow and I will admit, it is a lot easier doing everything online through the Officer’s online portal. For the new incoming Officer’s, I suggest familiarizing yourself with this portal, it is a great resource for many things we do as Knights. That being said, even if you are not an Officer, you can still access reports as a member once you create a log in at www.kofc.org , look for the “For Members” tab. This makes it helpful for running events; you can submit the report online (as long as it’s before the 15 th of the following month) and then print a copy to read at the next meeting. If you enjoyed my meetings, I thank you and am glad to have entertained you. If you didn’t enjoy them, I apologize, I know I can speak very fast at times (maybe all the time!) and it’s something I’m working on. I was never a good public speaker, so I am a little glad to not have that responsibility anymore. If anyone ever has any suggestions or ideas about the Council, feel free to contact any Officer and we can discuss at our Officer’s meetings. We can only improve if we know what is wrong or even what is right. Many changes have occurred over the last 142 years and I’m sure more changes are coming. 

We have six Brothers who will be attending the 4 th Degree Exemplification this month, if you have never considered becoming a Sir Knight; feel free to ask an Officer as most of us are 4 th Degree Knights. For anyone who is still a 1 st or 2 nd Degree Knight, you can complete your Knighthood by attending a Charity, Unity, Fraternity (CUF) Ceremony. I am working on having one more CUF before the end of the Columbian year, possibly held at St Aloysius after the Unity Mass scheduled for June 22 nd at the 5:30pm Mass. If you would like to complete your Knighthood, please contact an Officer and we will set you up. Also for those who have not yet seen the new Ceremony, come on out to one and see how it is. It certainly is not the same as it was years ago, but you will still gain knowledge of our Order that either you didn’t know or have forgotten. Every time we hold a ceremony, you will always a find something new that you may have not known. As you all know, when you joined the Knights, you received a Rosary, a pin and a booklet called, “These Men They Call Knights”. The following passage is from a book called, “Knights To Christ”. “These Men They Call Knights” is referenced in it. It really breaks down what we should be doing as Knights. If you have attended a meeting or have been reading my Knightlines (thank you!), you will know that I don’t speak about getting new members, I speak about adding Brothers to our Order. This is something we should all be doing as we look for prospective candidates for Knighthood. Please buy the book, “Knights To Christ”, it is a daily devotional and a good way to start your day. It can be found on Amazon for about $10.00. 

FRATERNITY is approbation from the Holy FatherYou are all brothers. ~ Matthew 23:8 Speaking extemporaneously at the Vatican in 1973, Pope Paul VI said: “Tell your grandsons; tell the people that the pope loves the Knights of Columbus.” Earlier he remarked: “Indeed you have been brothers to the poor, to the sick, to the young, to the aged and to the underprivileged. In the name of all those whom you have helped by your brotherly compassion, we thank you from our heart… Even more admirable have been your insistence upon the supremacy of God and your fidelity to the Vicar of Christ. In truth you can call yourselves “brothers” because you call God your Father and have declared yourselves ready to do His will and serve His cause. In 1978, the Holy Father called the Knights “an immense force for good… We rely on you, on each of you, on the Order itself – to bring holiness to the world, to live the Gospel values in your families, to transmit them to your children with the infectious conviction of joyful faith. Christ needs you to bring fraternal concern to your neighborhoods, to exemplify justice in your communities, to spread peace and truth in the world.” ~These Men They Call Knights 

How dedicated are you, personally, to the noble ideals of Knighthood? How does our council manifest its respect and love for the Successor of Peter, the Pastor of the Universal Church?

Why, that’s a nation. The nation of Columbus! You should have representation at the United Nations! ~ Pope John Paul II, when he told the Knights and their families numbered over five million strong in 1979. 

There you have it, Fraternity wrapped up in a few small paragraphs. I hope you can take something from this passage as well as the other’s I have written about in the past. 

Speaking of “These Men They Call Knights”, in there they list a bunch of things about our Faith including the precepts of the Catholic Church. Basically, every member of the Knights Of Columbus needs to be a practical Catholic in union with the Holy See. While I won’t quote everything in the book, I can summarize from an article in the St William the Abbot Church bulletin. It speaks of “what is an active parishioner?” An active parishioner is a person who participates in the life of the Church. This means to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ and share in Christ’s role as pries, prophet and King. We are called to lead others to faith by our good example, through loving service to others, and offering our prayers, works and activities to God.


Why you need to be an active parishioner?

Parishioners seeking to be godparents or sponsors for the Sacraments of Baptism and Confirmation, or those wishing to

be joined in Holy Matrimony must first be verified as “active members” of the parish. 

An active member:

As a Knight of Columbus, you already have met all these requirements. We hold many activities throughout the year that benefit those in need in our community. We support two Parishes in our Council. When one of the Pastors calls, we are there ready, willing and able to do what they need. This is what we signed up for. I’m hoping that we can keep this going and the best way is to get involved with as much as your time allows. You don’t need to attend every meeting, but you should as much as you are able. You do not need to be an Officer to know what is going on in the Council, you just need

to ask. You don’t have to attend every event, but it would be nice if you could. You don’t have to volunteer for every event

but it would be nice if you could. Years ago, there was a pamphlet we used to give out called “24 Hours”. In it, it explained that 24 hours a year is all that is really needed to be an active Knight. Basically it said, attend Mass every Sunday and at least once a Year with your Council Brothers (June 22 nd this year). Check the website (www.kofc6201.com) and emails

concerning the Council. Spend some time browsing the Supreme website (www.kofc.org) and the State website (www.njkofc.org) here you will find out what is going on locally and statewide, even worldwide. Browsing these websites only takes a few minutes and you may learn something. When I joined the Knights in 2016, we had over 100 people attend Degree Ceremonies between candidates and their sponsors as well as Council Officer’s and Members. It was a great way to welcome in new Brothers. Now, it’s not as well attended and it should be. One hour of your day to support incoming Brothers means a lot to them. It shows them they are part of something big. A new family for them. 

If you’ve come this far in reading, I thank you for sticking with me. Again it has been an honor for me to serve your Council as Grand Knight the last 12 months. June 21 st we will hold our elections of the incoming Officer’s for 2024/25. Please join us that evening and welcome the Officer’s moving up and new Officer’s coming in.

As before, I thank you all again for being here and in the words of the Centurion to Jesus:

“Domine non sum dignus” (Lord I am not worthy)

Upcoming events:

 June 1 st – 4 th Degree Exemplification

 June 2 nd – Corpus Christi procession 10:30am St Aloysius

 June 2 nd – Corpus Christi procession 12:00pm St Veronica

 June 4 th – Election Day (please vote)

 June 7 th – Family Rosary (all welcome)7:30pm

 June 7 th – Social Meeting 8:00pm

 June 15 th – Flag Retirement Ceremony 10:00am with Assembly 658 Color Corps and Jackson Girl Scouts

 June 15 th – Diocese of Trenton Bike Run Pit Stop, approx. 1:00pm

 June 16 th – Father’s Day

 June 21 st – 60 th Anniversary of St Aloysius Church (see bulletin for details)

 June 21 st – Final Business meeting for 2023/24 Columbian year, Officer’s Election (Council and Columbian Club)

 June 24 th – Blood Drive

 June 29 th – Monmouth Park Day at the Races sponsored by Assembly 658, all are welcome, details to follow.

 June 30 th – Installation Mass for Fr. James Smith (former parochial vicar for St Aloysius) as Pastor of St Isaac Jogues

Parish in Marlton 11:00am.

May Knight Of The Month – John Kunkel

May Family Of The Month – The Berec’s

Vivat Jesus!

Mary Queen Of The Knights! Pray for us!

Blessed Michael McGivney! Pray for us!

Frank Schear

Grand Knight