April 2024

Greetings Brothers!  

Happy Easter!  The season we have been waiting for is here.  I hope you all had time to spend with your families.  This is the best time of year.  Lent is over and we are still celebrating Easter until Divine Mercy Sunday which is the 7th.  Then we keep celebrating until Pentecost Sunday on May 19th.   We had our Good Friday Fish Fry March 29th.  It was very well attended and the money raised went to support our Family Easter Basket Food Program, where this year we were able to give out 40 food baskets.  Special thanks to PGK Phil Capasso for putting this all together.  The families were very grateful to receive this gift from our Council.  Your participation at the Fish Fry made it all possible.  For those who don’t venture out often, supporting the Council events is a great way to give back to the local community.  This adds to our already successful Thanksgiving and Christmas Food baskets and we will be looking to add more community programs to help those in need.  Attending a Council event is easy; you show up, pay a small fee for admission and get a lot of food and fun in return.  50/50 raffles occur at every event which helps even further.  We have plenty of events planned all year long, come on out and have some fun.  Details can be found on the website as well as email.

Some of you may know that I like to read when I have some free time. One of the things I do is read a daily devotional (several actually) and some phrases from “The Wisdom of Fulton Sheen” jumped out at me the last few weeks and those phrases describe what we as Knights are supposed to do or be.  Here are a few:

“There were only two classes of people who heard the cry Christmas night: shepherds and wise men.  Shepherds: those who know they know nothing. Wise men: those who know they do not know everything.  Only the very simple and very learned discovered God – never the man with one book.”

“Once a man ceases to be of service to his neighbor, he begins to be a burden to him.”

“In almost nine cases out of ten, those who have once had the Faith but now reject it, or claim that it does not make sense, are driven not by reasoning but by the way they are living.”

“God can do something with those who see what they really are and who know their need of cleansing but can do nothing with the man who feels himself worthy.”

“In vain will the world seek for equality until it has seen all men through the eyes of faith.  Faith teaches that all men, however poor. Or ignorant, or crippled, however maimed, ugly, or degraded they may be, all bear within themselves the image of God, and have been bought by the precious blood of Jesus Christ.  As this truth is forgotten, men are valued only because of what they can do, not because of what they are.”

“Humility does not mean a submissiveness, a passiveness, a willingness to be walked on, or a desire to live in the doghouse.  Humility is a virtue by which we recognize ourselves as we really are, not as we would like to be in the eyes of the public; not as our press notices say we are, but as we are in the sight of God when we examine our conscience.”

“Truth never appeals to us unless it is personal.”

If you made it this far, I thank you for reading and hope it makes some sense to you as it did to me.  As many of you already know, the Knights Of Columbus celebrated their 142nd Anniversary on Good Friday.  I sent an email out with a page from a book called, “Knights To Christ” written by a Former State Deputy of Colorado.  If you didn’t read that passage already, I ask you to go back and read it. It’s what being a Knight is all about.

Stayed tuned, we have upcoming Fraternal Benefit Webinars and Charity, Unity and Fraternity Degree Ceremonies.  Please participate as much as you are able.  Attending a CUF ceremony is pretty much the same as going to Easter Mass, you renew everything you’ve promised to the Lord and our Order.  Every time you attend Mass or a CUF, you will always leave knowing more than when you came.

As always, keep an eye out for emails and check the website often www.kofc6201.com 

Upcoming Events:

April 2nd – Fraternal Benefits Webinar hosted at the Council 8:00pm, or you can view at home. (Email was sent with the information)

April 5th – Family Rosary (all welcome) followed by the Social meeting.

April 7th – Membership Drive/Pancake Breakfast at St Aloysius Church after 8:30am & 10:30am Masses, (Help needed)

April 9th – CUF Ceremony at St Monica Church (email to follow with more information)

April 14th – Membership Drive/Pancake Breakfast at St Veronica Church after 7:30am and 10:00am Masses. (Help needed)

April 19th – KofC Business meeting followed by the Columbian Club Business Meeting.

March Knight of the Month – PGK Bob Clifford

March Family of the Month – The Femiano’s

As always keep an eye out for emails and check the website often, or attend a meeting.

Mary Queen of the Knights, Pray for us!

Blessed Michael McGivney, Pray for us!

Vivat Jesus!

GK Frank Schear