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Grand Knight Letter

September 2019


Happy September!

It’s very hard for me to believe that the unofficial end of summer, Labor Day weekend is already here. It seems like only yesterday we were celebrating Memorial Day with our family and friends. Time sure does fly and I remember what my Mother and Grandmother used to say about that. The older you are the faster it goes. How true.

The month of August is a fairly slow time of the year at the Council. A notable event that happened here was the Installation of the new Officers of the Ladies Auxiliary on August 9th. I would like to congratulate Jean Marie Debase President, Ronnie Pavelko Vice President, Chrissy Izzo Recording Secretary, Sue Raulinavich Treasurer, and Sanjoe Westrich Sergeant of Arms. The Trusties are Erin Bradley, Jennifer McDevitt, and Karen Treval. A big thanks to all who volunteered for this important role at the Council.

September brings with it the beginning of Fall and some notable events.

· September 11th we will be having our 9/11 Memorial Service at the Council. Please try to attend to honor the fallen.

· September 14th our Family Picnic. Our DGK Bob Westrich and Team tell me its going to be great as usual with entertainment for all and of course awesome food. Please make every effort to bring your families to join in the celebration.

· September 21st and 22nd will be the Membership Drives at both churches. Please see Chancellor Jim Curtis if you would like to help.

· September 28th St Veronica’s BBQ. The Knights will be there to BBQ some Hamburgers and Hot Dogs. If you have some time to help, please see PGK Victor Salvi or Myself.

Humility is a critical and continuous emphasis of godliness in the Bible, as we are called upon to be humble followers of Christ and trust in the wisdom and salvation of God. Let us be humble before our creator for the gift of life we have been given.

God Bless,

Tom Raulinavich GK